Network Management Services in Agra


Network management is the process of administering and managing computer networks. Services provided by this discipline include fault analysis, performance management, provisioning of networks and maintaining the quality of service.

“The Network is the IT spine of the present organizations to increase their operational presentation. Hence, it is necessary that the IT network of an organization is designed and managed to its optimum level.”

We, Ved Infosys provides end-to-end Network Management Services which includes designing technically feasible network architecture, building robust network layer, monitoring incidents, managing events and alerts and supporting data center networks. Managed Network Services are an optimal solution for providing well-defined, proactive, cost-effective, and professional support for an enterprise’s IT infrastructure.

As ISO network management models we Ved Infosys also using the same five functional areas:

Fault Management

Detect, isolate, notify, and correct faults encountered in the network.

Configuration Management

Configuration aspects of network devices such as configuration file management, inventory management, and software management.

Performance Management

Monitor and measure various aspects of performance so that overall performance can be maintained at an acceptable level.

Security Management

Provide access to network devices and corporate resources to authorized individuals.

Accounting Management

Usage information of network resources.

Why Ved Infosys?

We have all you need to design and manage a secure, scalable network.
When it comes to network management and evaluation, you find yourself stuck in the middle of limitless options. Solution? Don’t do it alone. We build a robust, interoperable, and dynamic network layer for you.

Our Network Infrastructure offers:

  • Routers and Switches
  • WAN, SDWAN, LAN, Wireless
  • Capacity & Performance
  • Telcos/ISPs
  • Load Balancers
  • Demand Mapping

Proactive preventative maintenance of IT systems means minimized or no downtime with the ability to maintain a stable and reliable network for your business. Our baseline Network Monitoring & Performance Optimization services help customers operate their businesses efficiently.

Our managed services for network operations offers:

  • Fault Management
  • Change Management
  • Capacity Monitoring
  • Alerting and reporting
  • IOS and Firmware Patch Management
  • OEM & Vendor Management


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