Cloud Managed Services

Cloud Managed services refers to outsourcing daily IT management for cloud-based services and technical support to automate and enhance your business operations.

Often, internal IT departments don’t possess the skills to effectively monitor and maintain a cloud environment. In these situations, a company hires a third-party cloud managed services provider to manage cloud security, computing, storage, network operations, application stacks, vendors and more.

Cloud Managed Services
Cloud Managed Services

However, managing and administering these cloud operations requires state-of-the-art technical expertise and huge, long-term investments in infrastructure, software, and staff — something only large corporations can afford. The most viable option, therefore, is to employ a trusted Managed IT Services Provider (MSP) to manage your cloud platforms, applications, and tools.

Ved Infosys is a client-focused firm dedicated to offering cloud and other managed services to enterprises like yours. Most cloud managed service firms focus on rendering the technology effectively to clients.
We differentiate ourselves by providing both custom-managed and integrated cloud services that comprise 24×7 oversight and management for all platforms, security, network operations, and data processing needs, including process automation, to further enterprise objectives.

Cloud Managed Services include:

Monitoring of Cloud

Cloud Monitoring, Website Monitoring, Application Monitoring , Database Monitoring, OS Monitoring, Windows Monitoring, Log Monitoring and Protocol Monitoring

Support on Cloud

Technical Support, Problem Management, Root Cause Analysis, Service Level Agreement, Change Management, Updates and Patches, OS Support.

Cloud Management & Advisory

Cloud best Practices Advisory, Maintenance, Business Continuity, Automated Cloud Management, and Security

At Ved Infosys, we believe providing businesses with a strategic direction, a tactical approach, and a comprehensive tool for cloud adoption across public, private, and hybrid environments is the need of the hour. This belief, and our efforts towards realizing this vision, have resulted in Ved Infosys being known in the industry as a cloud managed services provider that offers a wide spectrum of cloud services and dedicated offerings across both custom-managed and integrated cloud services to clients.

In compliance with industry best practices, our Services lead the charge when it comes to making complex cloud migrations and ongoing cloud management both technically and financially within reach for virtually any organization.
Reach out to us to discuss your specific needs. We’re here to help!


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